Charlie Noble Yogurt Sampler Pack


Brand Charlie Noble

Charlie Noble has discontinued this sample pack due to constraints on the amount of variants in their range and the FDA's Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA) process.
The inventory we have on hand is the last available :'(


This sampler pack includes all three of the delectable yogurt flavours in 15ml bottles, 45ml in total. The sampler pack comes in our Noble Yogurt themed tub, and is secured with foam. Great for a gift!

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Chocolate Mousse


Brand Charlie Noble - Yogurt

Yes! They've found the perfect chocolate that's not too sweet, not too bitter, not too overpowering and with it created a light and delicious chocolate mousse. They then blended that mousse with a smooth and creamy vanilla yogurt to just the right balance of flavours. No spoons required!

Main Flavours: Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Yogurt

Blend %: 35PG / 65VG

Bottle Sizes: 30ml, 120ml

Bottle Features: Glass, Dropper Cap, Anti-Tamper Seal



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review