Cannoli Be Mine


Brand Cassadaga Liquids

Connor MacLeod looked down at his delicious cannoli and smiled, as strawberry drizzle dripped down its sides. It was even better than before.

ā€œIā€™m not lonely. Iā€™ve got everything I need right here.ā€

ā€œNo you donā€™t. You refuse to let anyone love you.ā€, said Rachel.

ā€œLove is for poets.ā€

PrimaryĀ Flavour Notes:Ā Cannoli Pastry, Cream, Vanilla, Strawberry

Blend %: 20PG / 80VG

Bottle Sizes:Ā 30ml, 60ml

Bottle Features:Ā Glass, Child Resistant DropperĀ Cap, Tamper Evident Seal



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