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Brand Milks By Teleos

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"Hey, Teleos, do a custard!" They have literally been hearing that since Nightfall released.

Well, here it is. Teleos were hoping to release it closer to their anniversary in a few months, alas, the FDA moved that timetable up a little bit. Nonetheless, it had to be done: Custard, Teleos-Style.

Main Flavours: Custard

FUN FACT: As the deadline loomed for 8/8, with the FDA breathing down the collective neck of the American vaping industry, Teleos by mistake made an entire batch of custard with the wrong flavours listed on it. If you have a bottle that has the flavours for "Liquid S'mores" listed on it, you win a prize. It's not a great one though - you simply own the only non-trivial misprint in Teleos history.