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Your favourite vape spot, a bottle of delicious e-liquid and a full battery, what could possibly ruin this beautiful scene? Unsightly mouth crust on your drip tip is what! Vapor Shark unveils the latest update to their drip tip - the UNCRUSTABLE 2.0 drip tip. Vapor Shark are always on the lookout for new technologies that can enhance your vaping experience. In this case they've utilised a proven technique of coating the drip tip with food grade PTFE (the same material that makes a frying pan non-stick) which banishes gunk, crud, and crust. The highly functional, simple and clean design aids in repelling crust while adding to the overall aesthetic of your mod. Equally at home on a tank or a dripper, the UNCRUSTABLE 2.0 drip tip has a generously sized bore and is crafted entirely from high quality stainless steel. The UNCRUSTABLE isn't just another drip tip; its a revolution. Keep it clean and pick up an UNCRUSTABLE today!


- Single O-ring is for tanks that have shallower drip tip holes such as subtanks, protanks etc.

- Double O-ring is for tanks that have deeper drip tip holes such as Delta II’s, Nautilus etc.