Morris the Grape


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Brand Vapoureyes

The ultimate grape vape. Combining the pure juicy purpleness of grape Hubba-Bubba, the slightly tart, slightly sour buzz of biting through the skin of a freshly picked grape, and the tang of a frosty bottle of purple Gatorade hurriedly imbibed to replenish your vital electrolytes after a big night on the town.

When vaped at higher-wattages the juiciness really comes out and gives you an almost candy-ish "powdery" mouth-feel.

Primary Flavour Notes: 

  • Inhale: Sour Grapes, Bubble Gum
  • Exhale: Sweet Grapes, Purple Drank
  • Pair With: Cider

Blend %: 26PG / 74VG

Bottle Sizes: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml

Bottle Features: Soft Squeeze PE, Dripper Cap, Batch Recorded


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